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Fifteen full-time university staff members are appointed to serve on the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) of Rice University to fulfill its primary mission: making work at Rice more enjoyable and productive. Composed of three subcommittees, SAC aims to provide personal growth and development, not to mention a little camaraderie, through monthly lunchtime programs known as Brown Bag and Lunch Bunch, the annual RiceFest benefits event, and the summertime Ice Cream Social. All Rice staff members are welcome to join any of the SAC’s three subcommittees.


SAC’s mission is to facilitate open lines of communication between the university’s administration and staff by:

  • Providing a forum for hearing and reviewing staff concerns and interests, and bringing applicable issues to the attention of the administration
  • Proposing ways to improve university staff relations, including ideas that originate from within the staff
  • Recommending staff appointees to the President and/or the Associate Vice President for Human Resources to serve on university committees
  • Acting, in general, to help make Rice University’s education community an efficient, fulfilling, and supportive environment for employment
  • Supporting the university’s formal mission statement as defined by the Board of Trustees

We welcome any suggestions on making your working experience at Rice a more fulfilling one. Please limit your feedback to overarching issues that would apply to the entire Rice staff community. You can contact us via email.

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