Who We Are

Composed of regular (or voting) and ad hoc members, SAC voting members serve staggered three-year terms, which begin annually on July 1. Click here if you’re interested in joining our committee.

To contact us regarding university-wide staff issues, please contact us via e-mail.

Regular Members 2016-2017

Julia Amborski Office of Faculty Development
Rose Cordero Office of the General Counsel
Elizabeth Ericson Office of Admission
Hope Grant Electronic Research Administration
Haejin E. Koh Chao Center for Asian Studies
Keith Kostelecky Information Technology
Josh Lunow Jones Graduate School of Business
Joyce Myles Housing & Dining
Elle Ristow Electronic Research Administration
Rene Salinas (Co-Chair) Facilities Engineering and Planning
Rebecca Sharp Sanchez Glasscock School Continuing Studies
Justin Schilke Office of the Registrar
Eileen Singleton BioSciences
Angela Thompson (Co-Chair) Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Carrie Toffoletto Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ad Hoc Members

Carrie Comensky Employee Relations Specialist, Human Resources
Rebecca Gould Director of Employee Relations, Human Resources